Microfiber Glass & Window Cleaning Cloths



Effectively removes dust, dirt, or grease from glass surfaces.

These professional quality glass and window cloths are made to last - guaranteed for three years with normal use or 300 washes. Pair with our Glass & Window - Concentrated Dissolving Strips for professional-level, streak-free results.

This two-cloth microfiber glass cleaning cloth set contains a generously sized chamois textured waffle cloth that effectively removes dust, dirt or grease from glass surfaces. The finer polishing cloth polishes surfaces to a remarkable streak-free shine. 




icon Eco-Friendly One way of reducing waste is to buy high-quality and reusable products that last. Our professional glass and window cloth set will last for three years with normal use or 300 washes.



Nantucket Footprint believes that an ethical and environmentally sustainable business is both possible and necessary for the future of our planet. Their values and B Corp Certification ensure that they stay on that track.

Care Instructions

After use rinse and hang dry. For a thorough clean, wash microfiber glass cleaning cloth with like-colors using our Laundry Detergent Strips in your washing machine.

How To Use

Spray glass & window cleaner liberally on a glass surface, then using the glass cleaning cloth wipe in circular motions across the surface to remove dirt and grime. For a polished streak-free finish, wipe in circular motions with a separate (finishing) cloth.