Organic Rose Water



This Organic Rose Water is made by distilling thousands of organic rose petals from Bulgaria. With its pleasant aroma, Organic Rose Water is a traditional ayurvedic formula for cooling, moisturizing and soothing the skin.

Pure Organic Rose Water makes an excellent facial toner, especially for dry or sensitive skin. Alcohol-free and all-natural, it helps give suppleness and elasticity to facial skin. You can also combine it 50-50 with water and add it to your powder facial mix.

  • Spray on your body to refresh and cool your skin and help protect it from the elements and environmental toxins.
  • Dab a few drops on pads of cotton/wool and place over closed eyes for ten minutes to ease away tension.
  • Add some to bathwater for a fragrant, rejuvenating experience. After cleansing, moisten a cotton ball with Organic Rose Water and pat your face and neck.
  • Pure Organic Rose Water is cooling and can be used throughout the day for a refreshing experience. Just spritz the water on your face and neck (avoid the eye area).

    4 oz 


    Founded in 2008 by husband and wife, Sandeep and Nalini Agarwal, Pure Indian Foods is an artisanal maker of organic Ayurveda products