Natural Premium Incense Sticks - Beltane



Light up your senses with Beltane™ Seasonal All-Natural Premium Incense! This all-natural incense is lovingly blended with jasmine and ylang ylang for a truly magical aroma – setting your space ablaze with a special something that only Beltane can provide. Try it and feel the gentle hum of Summer!

This limited-edition blend is endowed with the spiritual celebration of Beltane. 

Aroma Profile: Sweet, floral, heady

Associations: Water (Element), The Empress (Tarot), Dogaz (Daybreak/Awakening Rune)

Earth signs: Pisces, Scorpio, Cancer

Burn this incense to celebrate the Spirit of Summer, but never leave unattended while burning.

20-pieces come in a zero waste paper box




Sea Witch Botanicals is a small family business in Bellingham, Washington. They started their company to make a positive impact on the health of people and the environment through education, outreach, and offering high-quality, certified vegan, all-natural alternatives to home and body products that are typically lousy with synthetic fragrances,and other nasties. Their products are crafted using purchased green energy; wind, solar, and other sustainable energy alternatives.

Certified B Corporation :: 1% for the Planet :: Toward Zero Waste :: Certified Vegan


essential oil blend (Frankincense, Jasmine, Lavender, Orange, Ylang Ylang, Peppermint), charcoal, tree resin, bamboo stick. Hand-painted with natural clay-based paint