A to Z Affirmation Cards for Kids



This affirmation deck comes with 26 positive affirmations (one for each letter of the alphabet!) as well as a brief explanation to help your child to connect to each affirmation. Some examples of the affirming words are KIND, WELL-SPOKEN, and NURTURING.

These positive affirmation cards are the size of a typical tarot deck, 2.75" X 4", and made with high quality, durable card stock. These cards are best suited for children ages 5-12.




Kelsey Whitesel is a wife, mother, and teacher from Sioux Falls, South Dakota. She created the A-Z Affirmation Deck for her daughter, as a way to help reinforce the positive traits and habits they are trying to instill and give her the confidence to stand firmly in her actions, before deciding to share it with her community. It is her hope these cards will encourage children to see the innate goodness within themselves.