Leather Care Conditioner



This leather conditioner helps to replenish moisture in your leather products to keep them beautiful for years to come. It also helps protect leather from dirt and moisture, while nourishing and restoring its natural strength. 

Made with all natural ingredients sourced & assembled in the Pacific Northwest:

  • Food grade seed oils replenishes & invigorates leather.
  • Triple-filtered beeswax works as an age-old waterproofer that protects & waterproofs naturally, as bees intended.

We recommend conditioning your leather goods 3-4 times a year.

    4 oz 




    Triple-filtered beeswax, unique blend of seed oils.

    How To Use

    1) Add a small amount onto a lint-free cloth.

    2) Rub in a circular motion until fully coated.

    3) Allow to cure for 24 hours. Apply more coats as needed.