Calm Tummy Bitters



Urban Moonshine

Urban Moonshine’s hand-crafted Calm Tummy Digestive Bitters have a delightful, soothing taste to please everyone! With all the same digestive benefits of their original bitters line, they are a wonderful option for chamomile lovers, bitters enthusiasts, and folks looking for a bitters formula free of citrus, fennel, & essential oils. Now more folks with sensitivities can enjoy the benefits of Urban Moonshine's organic digestive bitters!

  1. For occasional nausea*
  2. For occasional morning sickness during pregnancy*
  3. For occasional heartburn, gas & bloating*
  4. Delightful, soothing taste*
  5. Bitters also support healthy skin and are a great option for gentle detox.*

.5 fl oz (15mL) is approximately 12 servings.

2 fl oz (59mL) is approx. 49 servings.

How to Use: To stimulate healthy digestion, enjoy approximately ¼ teaspoon (1.2 mL) of the Calm Tummy bitters before or after meals (not to exceed 8 times per day)!

If pregnant or lactating, consult your healthcare provider.

Ingredients: Pure Water, Organic Alcohol, Org. Dandelion Root and Leaf, Org. Chamomile, Org. Burdock Root, Org. Yellow Dock Root, Org. Ginger Root.

*The statements on this page have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


Urban Moonshine’s product line is certified organic, and they source their ingredients domestically and from small farms whenever possible. Their mission is to bridge the gap between the traditional stereotype of the ‘back-woods herbalist’ and bring plant-based wellness to the modern, health-conscious individual who is seeking better options.