Vegan Chinese Food



Vegan Chinese Food by Yang Liu and Katharina Pinczolits

Veganize your favorite Chinese dishes at home with Vegan Chinese Food. Founders of the hugely popular food blog Little Rice Noodle, Yang Liu and Kathi Pinczolits are known for their easy, delicious and plant-based Chinese recipes. Now, they are expanding their repertoire in Vegan Chinese Food with 60 well-loved and diverse Chinese recipes using traditional cooking methods and skills – and veganizing it. Use everything from mushrooms to soy protein to imitate the duck in Peking duck or the mince in Dan Dan noodles. There’s a favorite recipe here for everyone, 100% plant-based. This book draws upon Yang's experience of relocating to Austria from China and wanting to make the dishes from her childhood vegan friendly. Yang and Kathi know that food is so much more than something you just eat, it is an experience rooted in memory, family and cultural representation.