Fat Marshmallow Tallow Lip Balm


The best-selling, non scented, vanilla infused, skin loving moisturizer...in a retro slide top lip balm tin!

While you may be rooted in old ideas, you are not, in fact, a plant, nor are plant oils what your mammalian skin craves. While they can feel initially moisturizing, over time they interfere with your skin's own sebum production, causing your body to produce even less, keeping you trapped in a cycle of dependency. Tallow, coming from our bovine brethren, is molecularly much closer to the oils your body produces, so it delivers a moderate and pH balanced boost, even gradually helping to heal the skin, causing you to need less over time.

Vellum Street sources their tallow from local, regenerative agriculture farms. They never use synthetics, soy/coconut/palm oils.

0.25 oz 

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***PLEASE READ BEFORE ORDERING! When temps are high (above 70) it is doubtful your tin of fat marshmallow tallow lip balm will make it to you in the same state it left our shop. Like other fats & oils, it is solid at cool temps and liquid in warmer ones. This product may leak as a result of melting in warmer temperatures. Due to potential melting/leaking during warmer months of shipping, these products will be shipped at the buyer’s risk. Please purchase with this in mind. We recommend choosing local pickup for this product during the months of April-October.***




What you put ON your skin is just as important as what you put IN your mouth, which is why Vellum Street uses upcycled & local food grade ingredients, all safe enough to eat!

tallow, beeswax, marshmallow root, vanilla bean, arrowroot

How To Use

Slather liberally anywhere your skin needs a little love. For use on lips, hands, face, ass... tallow’s great for skin when it's been fed grass!