Neck Wrap - Cool Mint



This Lavender Neck Wrap helps make the most of those special moments when you are able to create a little time and space for yourself. It is a wonderful aid for rest, meditation or simple relaxation.

Measures approximately 27" long by 5" wide



Whispering Willow instills each day with beauty, kindness, and gratitude through handcrafted products that encourage indulgent self-care and mindful giving. Whispering Willow is also an agent of change in their own little way. They carefully select natural and organic ingredients to reduce the number of chemicals in your home. They use eco-aware packaging and packing materials to help slow the accumulation of waste in our world. And they also donate 1% of sales to non profits through their membership with 1% for the Planet.

Care Instructions

Use a clean damp cloth to spot clean. Do not launder.


wonderfully soft 100% cotton flannel filled with organic lavender flowers and organic flax seed.

How To Use

Simply spritz with water and heat in the microwave for one minute on high. If you prefer a little extra heat, then continue to heat on high in 30-second increments. Do not overheat and use caution when removing from the microwave.

To use as a cold compress place in the freezer one hour before using.