Airtight Coffee Canister w/Scoop



To consistently create an amazing cup of coffee you need your beans at peak freshness. The way to hold on to the bean’s magic properties is by storing them in a vacuum sealed coffee vault. This coffee canister goes beyond that by keeping your precious beans safe from the four enemies of the coffee bean - oxygen, light, heat and moisture.

The airtight lid is constructed with a one-way breather valve that releases carbon dioxide produced by the stored coffee beans preventing oxidation that makes the coffee go stale. And the lid has a built-in date-tracking wheel that tells you how long your coffee beans have been in storage. Logging the roasting or storage date is essential knowledge you need to create that perfect brew every time.

  • Black
  • Stainless steel
  • BPA-free
  • 2 extra air filters included.
  • 21oz capacity--Holds 1.3 lbs of whole beans, 1.2 lbs of ground coffee or 60 fl oz of liquid.