16" Steel Rolling Pin



Shape & flatten like a pro with Simple Craft's French Cylinder Rolling Pin! Crafted from stainless steel with a polished & non-stick surface, this lightweight wonder is designed for all types of dough - goodbye wooden & marble rolling pins, hello precision thicknesses. Cut out that extra space - and all the ickiness of those hidden crevices - with the handle-free design. Plus, the flat ends can be used to crush and smash too - a real baking game-changer! Get in control and make your baking experience a breeze!


Care Instructions

To clean, simply use warm soapy water to hand-wash then wipe dry to store.

How To Use

Stainless steel gets very cold in the freezer, which is great for keeping pastry dough flaky and for preventing flour dough or fondant from sticking to the roller. That's why we recommend putting the roller in the fridge for 20-30 minutes before rolling.