The Twig Razor



An all metal single-edge razor designed for any body, shaving anywhere. No plastic, just replace the steel blade in the precision shave head.

The Twig’s single-edge design shaves cleanly, reduces irritation, handles concave areas safely, and sports a head half the size of a standard safety razor. There’s nowhere this stunning razor can’t fit.

You’ll be surprised at how easy an embedded magnet makes using The Twig. A subtle feature, this helps keep the blade in place as you load, or unload, your razor so you can confidently move along with your day.

The Twig is designed to be open, compatible with any standard safety razor blade. Leaf blades come as single-edges, ready to load right out of the wrapper. Yet any double-edge blade can be snapped in half to yield two single-edges as well.

Stop juggling a 3 piece safety razor. This unique twist-to-open design keeps The Twig in one piece while (un)loading blades. Like a chapstick the head rises up and turns out of the way for easy access.

A back weighted handle delivers intuitive control. Once you hold it, you’ll feel the difference.

Your old razor will look and feel like a toy after switching. Welcome to a world of plastic-free, irritation-free shaving in a small but mighty package.

This razor is a tool, with utility and a life that will grow old with you. It’s durable and resilient, finished to resist rust and corrosion with simple care. The Twig is with you for as long as you want to keep shaving. If it ever finds an end of life, it’ll be recycled as scrap metal having served well.

  • The Twig razor (1x)
  • 5-blade starter pack (1x)

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At Leaf Shave, they develop the most innovative and accessible sustainable shaving razors for humans. They set out to make a better razor, and it turns out that a better razor is also better for the environment. Now – they're on a mission to keep pushing the envelope – because they know that a more sustainable shave doesn’t have to sacrifice quality of experience. Since launch, their users have helped keep millions of disposable plastic razors and cartridges out of landfill.